Welcome to NOXRepo.org!

NOXRepo.org started in 2008, when Nicira released the source code to NOX — an OpenFlow controller they had formerly been building as a product (the first OpenFlow controller, in fact!).  Lots has changed in the world of Software Defined Networking since then, and Nicira has largely moved on to other things, but their goal with the open source release of NOX — to give something back to the research community — has certainly been fulfilled.  Indeed, NOX continues to play a role in SDN research!  NOX has also spurred the development of a new controller platform — POX — which we also hope others will find useful for their research (we certainly do!).

The NOXRepo.org of today is a collection of users of these two platforms, that spend time to maintain and expand them and to assist other users.  As well as this website and the resources on it, there is also a #noxrepo IRC channel, email lists for discussion and assistance, and code on github.  So if you’re as excited about SDN as we are — you’ve got lots of ways to get involved with us. :)

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