Branches, Versions, Releases

POX branches fall into two categories: active, and released. Active branches are branches that are being actively developed. Released branches are branches which at some point were chosen as being a “new version”. The most recently released branch may continue to get worked on, but only in the form of bug fixes — new features always go into the active branch.


Getting the Code

POX (and NOX) are managed in git source code repositories on the popular site github. Cloning the git repository is the preferred way to get POX. The table below contains links to the various branches on github, as well as links to zips and tarballs.

To get the latest release version of POX, you’d do the following:
git clone

If you don’t want to use the default branch, you’d then do the following from within your newly cloned repository (where branch-name is one of the branches listed below):
git checkout branch-name

(If you’re not familiar with git, you might want to check out github’s guide for whatever OS you’re running.)

Cloning the repository is really all it takes to install POX, as long as you have a Python interpreter. For further information on installing or using POX, please check out the documentation.

Active Release Release
Branch dart carp betta angler
Release Date Summer 2014? Fall 2013 Spring 2013 Fall 2012
Snapshots tgz zip tgz zip tgz zip tgz zip