Branches, Versions, Releases

NOX has two separate lines of development:

  • NOX-Classic is the well-known line of development that has been available under the GPL since 2009. This one you have contains support for Python and C++ and a bunch of applications. However, this line of development is deprecated — none of us here at NOXRepo have plans to do further development on NOX-Classic, because none of us use it anymore. We do not recommend it for new users. Please consider using the new NOX (below) or POX. (We will, however, be willing to review code submissions for NOX-Classic if you wish to keep developing on it!)
  • NOX (A.K.A., “the new NOX”) only contains support for C++ (those who need Python support can either stick with NOX-Classic, or might be interested in POX), has fewer applications than NOX-Classic, but is much faster and has a much cleaner codebase. At present, our only planned NOX development is in this new codebase (though the majority of our planned work is in POX).

Branches fall into two categories: active, and released. Active branches are branches that are being actively developed. Released branches are branches which at some point were chosen as being a “new version”. The most recently released branch continues to get worked on, but only in the form of bug fixes — new features always go into the active branch. Another noteworthy property of a release is that its dependencies are fixed: if a branch is released with the claim that it runs on Ubuntu 10.04, there is no reason to suspect that it will run on Ubuntu 10.10 (it might; it might not).


Getting the Code

NOX (and POX) are managed in git source code repositories on the popular site github. The tables below contain links to the various repositories and branches on github, as well as links to zips and tarballs.

As an example, to get the latest version of NOX, you’d do the following:
git clone

If you don’t want to use the default branch, you’d then do the following from within your newly cloned repository (where branch-name is one of the branches listed below):
git checkout branch-name

(If you’re not familiar with git, you might want to check out github’s guide for whatever OS you’re running.)


Active Release
Branch verity None yet!
Release Date 2012-05-11 N/A
Snapshots tgz zip


NOX-Classic (Deprecated)
Next Active Release
Branch impulse destiny zaku
Release Date 2012-??-?? 2012-07-20 2010-09-15
Snapshots tgz zip tgz zip