New POX branch: betta

September 19, 2012 in News, POX

Today, POX gets its second branch: betta. It’s named after the genus of fish, perhaps the most well known member of which is the rather pretty Betta splendens. This branch is based off my fork which has been slowly accumulating changes for a while now.

Photo by Marcel Burkhard; licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany

betta is currently an active branch, as defined on the page about versions, but the short of it is that this is more or less POX’s second version.

It’s still pretty early days for betta, so it should still be considered like an “unstable” branch. Things may still change quite a bit. For example, the messenger been changed really significantly (this is actually the third major rewrite — the second one was never public), and it may yet need significant redesign (though I consider its use with POXDesk to be pretty much of a success story so far).

If you don’t need the “stability” of the master branch, I do suggest that you try to switch to betta. It has some bugfixes, some cleanup, some reorganization, and some new features too. Moreover, it’s where any active development on POX itself should be taking place. A specific new feature I should mention (because people have asked for it a number of times!) is that it has a webservice interface for querying of switches and even pushing of flows.  The queries it supports are currently fairly limited, but it’s actually really easy to add more, so feel free to do that and issue a pull request. 😉

I’ll also note that the “master” branch (which should never have been named master) will get renamed when betta gets to release status.  It’ll be called “angler”.  We made the corresponding change to NOX a while back; Amin sent out a note about it on nox-dev.

Anyway, happy POXing, and I look forward to your github issues with good suggestions and pointing out of all my stupid mistakes! :)

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